Tech Notes And Miscellaneous Thoughts

Fuck Grey Text

fuck grey text on white backgrounds
fuck grey text on black backgrounds
fuck thin, spindly fonts
fuck 10px text
fuck any size of anything in px
fuck font-weight 300
fuck unreadable web pages
fuck themes that implement this unreadable idiocy
fuck sites that don’t work without javascript
fuck reactjs and everything like it

thank fuck for Stylus. and uBlock Origin. and uMatrix.


    1. cas

      Yeah, well, WordPress. And the theme I’m using was:

      a) worse before i fixed a lot of the colours and other stuff in it. I fixed it some more now, no blue. and almost no fucking grey (it seems to be hard-coded in the timestamp, not customisable)


      b) one of the simplest, no-frills themes I could find when a few years ago when i was looking for a “fluid” width theme that didn’t suck too much…at least all the font-sizes and box widths etc were specified in em units rather than fucking px.

      I’m planning on migrating away from WP to Hugo or some other static site generator. As soon as i find a decent way to support comments that isn’t some clone of discourse or similar crap.

      I may even post on it more than once every year or two if i can use vim rather than a shitty web editor.

      Maybe I’ll hack up CodiMD or some other js markdown editor so that it drops comment files into a particular directory for me to look at and decide whether to approve or not.

    1. cas

      I didn't post it on Planet Debian. I posted it on my blog, which is syndicated by Planet Debian via RSS.

      Do you not know what what "planet" software is, or what it does?

      It's an RSS aggregator. In particular, Planet Debian aggregates RSS feeds from the personal blogs of myself and many other Debian developers and other people/organisations associated with Debian.

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