Dec 162013

There are numerous benefits to shopping online – you can order stuff and pay for it from the comfort of your own home and it’ll arrive on your doorstep in just a few days. wonderful, and so many words have been written about the benefits over the years that there’s no need to belabour the […]

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Jun 212013

A bash script to backup mysql databases, with separate schema and plain-text dump files (INSERT commands) for each database. Makes it easy to restore individual databases or copy them into dev/test servers. Keeps 30 days worth of backups in separate YYYY-MM-DD directories.

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Jun 202013

Due to boredom and needing something to do to keep my brain from atrophying, I’ve decided to polish some of the rough edges off some of my scripts so that they’re suitable for publication. here’s the first of them, a perl script to list kernels and other grub menu entries, with numeric indexing suitable for […]

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Dead Can Dance

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Feb 072013

I saw Dead Can Dance at the Palais in St Kilda last night – their first tour back in Australia in over 20 years. I’ve wanted to see them perform live since I first discovered their music in the dim dark past – bought the tickets as soon as the tour was announced last year […]

Nov 182012

OK, I’m finished my experiment. It’s over now and I can “break character”. First, I have to offer special thanks to “tshirtman” for being the first to unambiguously exemplify one of my main points. well done! In case it’s not blindingly obvious (as it should be), the reason for my post was that I was […]

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Nov 162012

I had a dream that many prominent members of the Linux community were dressed in Nazi SS uniforms on the Arctic ice, clubbing baby seals to death. I can’t bear the thought that so many Linux people may secretly be Nazi seal murderers, so I demand that they be excluded from any future Linux-related events […]

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Sep 102012

I just posted the following question to ServerFault….and then realised there might be people out there in magical internetland who know the answer but never visit any of the SO sites, so i’ve posted it here too. ¬†Feel free to respond here on on serverfault. In a recent upgrade (from Openstack Diablo on Ubuntu Lucid […]

Apr 142012

from the whinge of the day dept: I started a bzr branch of calibre about 2.5 hours ago because I wanted to see how difficult it would be to understand the code and make a few changes. The calibre Get Involved page warns that it can take about an hour….which is excessive to begin with […]

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Apr 112012

how embarassing, i make a point of asking for comments and critique on my previous post but comments didn't actually work unless you're logged in.  I only noticed because someone emailed me. It was the admin-ssl plugin.  de-activated now, so comments are working again. A few people tried to add comments according to the log […]

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Apr 092012

I’m finally getting around to making myself learn python as more than just a read-only language. Working with Openstack kind of requires it. So far, I like it. Much more than I thought I would as an unrepentant sh and perl using systems geek. And getting over my distaste for the white-space issue is also […]

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