Tech Notes And Miscellaneous Thoughts


Tired of being oppressed by the slack-arse distro package maintainers who waste time testing that new versions don’t break anything and then waste even more time integrating software into the system?

Well, so am I. So I’ve fixed it, and it was easy to do. Here’s the ultimate installation tool for any program:

brawndo() {
   curl $1 | sudo /usr/bin/env bash -

I’ve never written a shell script before in my entire life, I spend all my time writing javascript or ruby or python – but shell’s not a real language so it can’t be that hard to get right, can it? Of course not, and I just proved it with the amazing brawndo installer (It’s got what users crave – it’s got electrolyes!)

So next time some lame sysadmin recommends that you install the packaged version of something, just ask them if apt-get or yum or whatever loser packaging tool they’re suggesting has electrolytes. That’ll shut ’em up.


  1. Martin

    Very good recommendation. Also, it is a well-known fact, that the more code you have, the more bugs and security issues. By this metric, brawndo is the most secure package installer ever. Maybe you could enclose the $1 in double quotes, but maybe I’m too whiny…

      1. Martin

        Yeah, you are right, my fault. It would be a feature, indeed, esp. with ampersand and greaterthan something involved. More functionality, almost like npm!

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